Defense Express Media & Consulting Company is a specialist in media and consulting services.


We have a 18 years experience in systematic analysis of defense-industrial policy, military cooperation, defense policy and national security matters.


Defense Express currently partners with more than 100 businesses and organizations in Ukraine and elsewhere. The Company’s customer portfolio includes renowned companies and organizations such as Kharkiv Malyshev Plant,  Athlone-Avia, Lviv Armor Plant, Motor Sich, Spetstehnoexport, Ukrspetstechnika, FED, Luch R&D Company, Ukrspecexport, Iskra, MiGremont, Kyiv Arsenal Plant,   Kvant Research Institute, the NSDC, Kintex (Bulgaria), Sagem (France), PCO SA (Poland) and many more others.



Defense Express is a partner of the Ukrainian Defense Industries (Ukroboronprom) State Corporation. The Company has worked for a long time providing an effective promotion of domestic defense industry products at international arms exhibitions.



Defense Express is a traditional partner of Arms and Security and Aviasvit exhibitions in Ukraine, MSPO in Poland and ADEX in Azerbaijan, in addition to a number of subject-specific events in other countries worldwide.


Moreover, Defense Express has for many years now maintained lines of communication with foreign embassies in Ukraine on issues pertaining to organization of various events aimed at promoting mutually beneficial bilateral and international cooperation.


Company Slogan: Human, Technique and Technology on Guard for Peace and Prosperity


Company Mission: Promote defense, security and economic growth of Ukraine through correlation between human capabilities, technique and technology and Ukraine’s defense and security sector needs.


We provide consulting and information services to promote defense, security and growth in Ukraine for the sake of peace in our country and prosperity of our people.


Appreciating the needs of Ukraine’s defense and security sector and military consumers worldwide, understanding the Ukrainian arms industry’s capabilities and knowing the products that foreign suppliers are selling, we create a competitive environment for ensuring national security and provide an information platform for market promotion of domestic defense products in global markets.


We carry out our activities in Ukraine and major partner countries, maintaining communication with military product consumers and suppliers and providing coverage of key events in the area of military technology (arms exhibitions and subject-specific conferences).


With unique staff competences, access to information and own effective means of information influence, we organize targeted exchange of information between consumers and suppliers and provide information support to targeted groups for the sake of defense, security and economic prosperity of Ukraine.


Company Products and Services:

- Consulting services to promote defense products in the domestic and global markets (comprehensive advertising and information support, targeted search for foreign-country partners and preliminary consulting, representation of foreign-country customers in Ukraine and Ukrainian customers in a number of foreign countries, organization of subject-specific events);


- Subject-specific information products:

Defense Express. Arms Export and Defense Industry of Ukraine monthly journal (distributed by subscription);

Ukrainian Defense Review English-language quarterly journal (the only information product that is intended specifically to introduce Ukrainian arms suppliers to international events on military technology);

• Online Information Portal provides Ukrainian and English-language news and articles on subject-specific matters;

Analytical reports and expert assessments;

• Subject-specific information products (handbooks, books and reviews).


Target consumers:

- Decision-makers on security and defense matters;

- Defense industry companies in Ukraine and elsewhere;

- Military product consumers in Ukraine and elsewhere;

- Foreign-country defense officials.


Methods used for providing Consumer needs:

- Provision of comprehensive information for decision making;

- Provision of expert assessments;

- Provision of analytical reports;

- Organization of subject-specific events;

- Drawing up and distribution of subject-specific information materials for targeted groups;

- Keeping the targeted groups interested in the Company’s subject-specific information products.


Competitive advantages:

- Unique staff competencies (subject-specific knowledge and skills);

- Availability of access to subject-specific information (due to permanent and visible presence at subject-specific events and availability of extensive lines of communication with partner organizations – bodies of state administration, state-owned and private-sector companies, specialist government agencies, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, and media outlets);

- Availability of own effective means of information influence (membership in subject-specific councils, permanent and visible presence at subject-specific events, information products, high media visibility of staff members);

- Availability of capabilities for targeted exchange of information between military product consumers and suppliers.


Company's business philosophy:

- The Company’s business is dedicated to promoting the interests of homeland defense, national security and economic growth of Ukraine;

- Promoting the growth of mutually beneficial defense industrial and procurement relations between Ukraine and foreign countries is a priority for the Company;

- Work with foreign-country companies brings new promises in terms of enhancing homeland defense and improving capabilities of Ukraine’s arms industry;

- With our staff competencies, consumers of Company products and services have the ability to meet some of their material and non-material needs and achieve their goals;

- Company’s competitive advantages are provided through personal fulfillment and personal development of its employees; the Company, for its part, is focused on ensuring the growth of material well-being of its employee staff, improving their social status and contributing to their personal development;

- In taking steps toward our partners’ concerns we wish them success in fulfilling their aspirations and hope for reciprocity.


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