MI 8MSBProduction-Commercial Firm STORK congratulates the team of Motor Sich JSC on the start of flight tests of the Mi-8MSB helicopter with a “glass cockpit” project.


Defense Express reports with a reference to stork


On October 2, 2020, the first test flight of the Mi-8MSB helicopter was performed with new avionics and a screen display system developed and manufactured by PCF STORK Ltd.



Completion of joint work on the Mi-8MSB "glass cockpit" project will make it possible to offer customers a helicopter with new tactical and technical characteristics, a new universal basic composition of indicating devices capable of adapting to any set of aviation equipment in accordance with ICAO requirements and special equipment in accordance with the requirements customer.



The development of a number of modifications of the Mi-8MSB of the “glass cockpit” project for various purposes has already begun for use in both civil and state aviation.

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