16082017 zavod po proizvodstvu boepripasovPresident Petro Poroshenko has proposed the government to allocate UAH 1.4 billion (USD 53.8 million) to build an ammunition factory in Ukraine.



“We consulted with defense and security officials, with the government and decided to allocate a substantial portion of budget surplus funds for strengthening the defense and security sector”, Petro Poroshenko said while speaking at the National Security and Defense Council meeting on July 10, 2017.

And he continued, "I proposed construction of an ammunition factory based on new technology fully compliant with NATO standard requirements to enable interoperability of ammunition calibers".

This is needed to ensure that ammunition products are manufactured from domestic primary materials and produced in-country: “We will have to recover the capabilities Ukraine has lost as a result of Russian Federation’s occupation. I put this forward as one of our top priorities", Poroshenko said, and added that the funds have to be “allocated right now”.

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