171017 Directory 2017 0The second issue of the “Ukrainian Technology: Ukrainian Private Sector Defense Industries” Directory was introduced to the public at the 14th edition of the Arms & Security International Expo in Kyiv (October 10-13, 2017). A free copy of the Directory was distributed to each exhibitor at the Expo.


Included in the “Ukrainian Technology: Ukrainian Private Sector Defense Industries” Directory 2017 are 76 Private Sector companies and organizations involved in Defense Capacity Building in Ukraine. These represent a significant number of Private Sector entities that design, develop and manufacture defense technologies and dual-use products, and are suppliers of the Armed Forces and other security sector institutions in Ukraine.


The Private Sector is becoming an increasingly influential and important actor in Ukraine’s domestic military market. This is due not least to the purposeful work done both by the Private Sector entities who united into several professional associations to forge an effective dialogue with the Government, and by the defense industry regulator – the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


As noted by Yurii Brovchenko, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in his introductory remarks to the 2017 Directory, the Ukrainian Government has, during the last year, "succeeded in simplifying significantly regulations for operation and production management at Private Sector companies and organizations, in establishing Public-Private partnerships, and in balancing out the interests of industrial contractors and the State Customer".


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The Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine also emphasized the growing role of the Private Sector: "The Private Sector now represents more than 50 per cent of all the contracts awarded under Government defense procurement and acquisition programs; Private Sector companies have successfully operated to the European Defense Standards and to NATO standards, and the quality and competitive abilities of Ukrainian products are proved continuously during international exhibitions". "There is no dispute that the contribution the Private Sector makes to the defense technological and industrial development in Ukraine should never be underestimated. The initiatives and innovations offered by the business are already being implemented in practical regulatory tools for public-private partnerships and in legal/regulatory norms,” Mr Brovchenko says.



Copies of the “Ukrainian Technology: Ukrainian Private Sector Defense Industries” Directory 2017 have been distributed to subscribers of products published by the Defense Express Media & Consulting Company. The Company’s subscribers include Ukrainian government agencies in charge of the defense and security sector development as well as foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine, and defense industry executives of Ukraine and partner countries.


During the 2017/18 period, the 2017 Directory will be distributed at a number of international events, including, in particular, the International Forum INNOVATION MARKET (November 21-24, 2017, Kyiv International Exhibition Center), Ukrainian Forum on Defense and Security ‘2018 (February 2018, Kyiv), and at the Ukrainian Pavilion or the Ukrainian League of Defense Industries Pavilion at several international arms expos.


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While exhibiting the "Ukrainian Technology: Ukrainian Private Sector Defense Industries” Directory 2017 the Defense Express Media & Consulting Company announced start of work on the third edition of the Directory – the “Ukrainian Technology: Ukrainian Private Sector Defense Industries” Directory 2018, which is due for official release in time for the opening of Arms & Security Expo ‘2018.


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Private-Sector defense technology suppliers, both in Ukraine and abroad, are welcome to avail themselves of the opportunity and, via this Directory, to advertise to their target audiences information about their identity, capabilities, products, and partnership proposals.




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