191015 UNIFIERCanadian military participating in the Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine have been rotated, according to Canadian Armed Forces in Ukraine.


Defense Express reports with a reference to Ukrinform.


"Same mission, new faces for the operation UNIFIER. Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Toope assumed command of Joint Task Force-Ukraine from Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Côté on Friday at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre near Starychi. About 200 new members of Joint Task Force-Ukraine are excited to continue the great work of their predecessors," Canadian Armed Forces in Ukraine wrote on its Facebook page on Friday, October 11.


191015 UNIFIER 2


The Canadian Armed Forces promised to continue their work to strengthen the Ukrainian army. "All of us look forward to working with our multinational partners to support Security Forces of Ukraine capacity-building programs," the Canadian military noted.


191015 UNIFIER 1


They also congratulated all departing members "who leave with fond memories of a wonderful country and great multinational relationships."


As reported, as part of the Operation UNIFIER, about 200 Canadian servicepersons have conducted training for Ukrainian military personnel and law enforcement officials since 2015. Over four past years, more than 10,000 Ukrainian defenders underwent Canadian training.


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