191010 IZBA 010 October 2019: On the sidelines of the Arms & Security 2019 Expo, the State-owned enterprise “Specialized Export/Import Trade Firm Progress” and State-owned enterprise “Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant” (LARP) signed a joint MoU on cooperation in civilian and defense-related technology areas with the Polish company Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne (WCBKT).


This is according to an exclusive report by Defense Express.


That MoU was sponsored by the Polish Chamber of Defense Manufacturers (Polska Izba Producentów na Rzecz Obronności Kraju).


“The Ukrainian party has a vested interest in that project which is targeted, first and foremost, at meeting the needs of our Armed Forces, our Naval Forces. Beyond that, the Polish partners are interested and will help us (Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant) with setting up production of these products [in Ukraine]”, Taras Sheiko, Progress CEO told DE.


 Dmytro Matrunchyk, LARP CEO, for his part, said that the MoU that has been signed would help facilitate the setting up and development of new industries in Ukraine and provide a full workload for LRAP and Ukrainians at large.


Piotr Kisiel, WCBKT Chairman of the Board, told DE that this cooperation would start with production of products for civilian uses (like airfield systems for various operations) to be followed by collaborative production of subsystems and components used in the manufacture of defense-related technologies.


“The agreement we’ve signed today is of great significance… We are launching cooperation between LRAP, our WCBKT and Progress to collaboratively manufacture ground support equipment for airplanes, not only military but commercial as well. For the civilian market, we have plans for collaborative production of products like Taurus (GPU-7/90 Taurus) airplane ground power unit (GPU). We are expecting to produce [a total of] approximately 100 units in a few years from now,” Slawomir Kulakowski, President of the Polish Chamber of Defense Manufacturers has said.  


191010 IZBA 1


The GPU-7/90 Taurus airplane GPU is the first product in line for co-production between WCBKT and its partners in Ukraine.


Further plans for Ukrainian-Polish partnership might include a project to set up production of a wide range of WCBKT-developed aviation technology products at Lviv.



It’s worth of note that WCBKT already uses components sourced from Ukrainian suppliers and produced by Ukroboronprom’s companies.






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