191015 Spaiteck4Spaitech R&D and Production Company, LLC, Kyiv, is showcasing its Windhover multirotor UAV at the 16th edition of the specialized Arms & Security Expo, which is ongoing in Kyiv.


Designed to incorporate the latest trends regarding public order and security management, Windhover can be used for a wide variety of operations that include, but are not limited to: the management of public order during crowd events; perimeter patrolling; overhead surveillance of crime and incident scenes; VIP protection; search of suspects, stolen vehicles or property; vehicle pursuits; as well as artillery spotting, according to Pavlo Grozov, Spaitech Executive Vice-CEO.



Windhover is designed with the following specifications: take-off mass of 10 kg; live video streaming range of 8 km; speed of 36 km/h; air endurance of 60 min; and wind speed tolerance of 15 m/s. The drone is base-lined with 3-axis Gyro stabilized EO/IR gimbal with a 12 Megapixel daylight camera    and thermal imaging camera sensors for the red, green, and near-IR wavelengths.


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The Spaitech Windhover made debut at the DSEI 2019 international defense and security expo held in London, where it generated interest among visiting members of military and police authorities of some of the participating countries in the event.


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DE note: Spaitech, a vertically integrated company, has its manufacturing facilities located in Odesa.  


Spaitech’s UAS products have become renowned, not only in Ukraine but globally. The Company’s Sparrow UAVs have been fielded with Ukraine’s Armed Forces.


Spaitech also has in its product portfolio the UAVs Sparrow LE and Anser.  




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