191017 CONGOOn the Defender of Ukraine Day and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks, a “parade of medals” took place at the airport of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.


Defense Express reports with a reference to MoD of Ukraine


More than 250 servicemen of the tenth rotation of the 18th separate helicopter squadron were awarded with medals for contribution to peace.


Thus, the UN Mission congratulated the peacekeepers of the Ukrainian national contingent on their significant contribution to the support and promotion of peace and security in this African country.


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The awards ceremony was attended by senior commanders from the UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC, other contingents and Mission personnel. Chief of Staff of the UN Mission in the DRC Brigadier General Samad Alade Akesode headed the delegation of the high-ranking guests.


In his speech, Brigadier General Akesode noted the importance of the tasks performed daily by the personnel of the 18th separate helicopter squadron and thanked them for their service.


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— The Ukrainian peacekeepers in the DRC are a model for the quality of their duties. Through your fruitful and hard work, you constantly support and strengthen the high international authority of the United Nations," — stressed the General.


The commander of the 18th separate helicopter squadron, Colonel Ivan Sholomii assured the leadership of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the DRC that the Ukrainian national contingent will continue to perform its duty with dignity and honor for the sake of maintaining peace.


— I am grateful for the trust in the Ukrainian aviation squadron and I want to assure that in the future we will do everything possible to justify the trust of the international community, I thank all the military personnel, every soldier who stands today with dignity for peace and order far beyond its borders, — said Colonel Ivan Sholomii.


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A joint photographing of Ukrainian servicemen with the representatives of the UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC took place at the end of the event.


In just over 7 years and 10 rotations, Ukrainian crews have conducted more than 22,000 flights with a total flight time of 24,000 hours. During this period, they carried more than 81,000 passengers and 3,852 tons of cargo.


PAO Captain Vladyslav Demianenko


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