NEPTUNEState tests of the national R-360 “Neptune” missile system are ongoing successfully and effectively in Odesa region. Launches are carried out at the firing range “Alibey” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The main feature of the tests of the “Neptune” ground-based cruise missile system this time was the warhead firing.


In order to counter Russian aggression in the Black and Azov seas, the RK-360 “Neptune” was developed. It is a system of ground-based cruise missiles with an anti-ship missile, designed to destroy cruiser, destroyer, frigate, corvette, landing, tank landing and transport ships, which operate both independently and as part of naval task force and landing detachments, as well as radio targets, in simple and complex meteorological conditions at any time of day and year, with active fire and electronic warfare measures of the enemy.




“Neptune” missiles are a promising Ukrainian development and, if mass production is launched, can become a significant deterrent, as they are capable of destroying not only ship targets, but also ground targets. In addition, these missiles are advanced armament, as they are guided and practically invisible to enemy radars.


PA Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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