UNIVERSITYJune 26, 2020, the University hosted a graduation ceremony of more than 100 students of leadership courses of strategic (L4), operational (L3) and, for the first time, tactical (L2) levels with the participation of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine leadership.


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Among the distinguished guests were the first Deputy Minister of Defenсe of Ukraine Ivan Rusnak, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Radyon Tymoshenko and Deputy Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major General Oleksandr Holodniuk.


- From the Board of the Defence Ministry and personally from the Minister of Defence of Ukraine I have the opportunity to congratulate the graduates of the newly founded Leadership Courses. I would like to note that we are doing everything to fundamentally change the entire educational process, bringing our system of military specialists training closer to NATO standards, - said the First Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Ivan Rusnak.  - Thanks to the scientific and pedagogical personnel of the National University of Defence of Ukraine, you have received all the necessary information to further realize yourself in relevant positions. So I wish you a rapid career growth and inspiration in building a capable and powerful Armed Forces of Ukraine!




The idea of introducing leadership courses is due to the changes in the system of military education, which were initiated in 2018.  In particular, it is envisioned in the new military education system the extensive use of the NATO member countries officer training systems.  And from 2021, the University plans to transition completely to the new system of military education, which provides a serious correlation with the career of an officer, when each subsequent appointment to a higher position is preceded by a mandatory increase in military education level.




At the L-2 level, students studied the brigade level topics, and at the L-3 - exclusively operational: training took place in joint, mixed groups without specialization, because according to the NATO standards, the operational level involves joint operations and the educational process must be organized accordingly.




The L-4 is a strategic level based on the principles of defence management, defence planning and strategic decision-making in the security sector. The program of leadership courses for officers in structure and content can be compared to the level of modern business schools of strategic management.




- I have no doubt that you will be the perfect example of military honor, valor, loyalty to the military oath and true leaders, which is extremely necessary for the Armed Forces in today's conditions. I want to wish to the graduates and all the staff of the University good health, realization of all plans and happy life!  - Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Radyon Tymoshenko greeted the graduates on behalf of the Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Upon the completion of the courses officers have received the diplomas of professional qualification - a professional in the field of defence, an officer of the military management of the tactical, operational-strategic (operational-tactical) level and the right to occupy the positions of the appropriate level.


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