ASELSANASELSAN military radios, which provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with equipment, meet all domestic requirements for cryptographic protection of information with limited access.


Such a positive expert opinion was issued on June 30, 2020 by the administration of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP) after the completion of special examination as to the use of ASELSAN PRC-9651 radio stations, VRC-9661 and PRC-9661 radio stations in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


"The results of special examination gives us an opportunity to provide Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military units of Ukraine with qualitatively protected radio communications" states the message from the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP).This service is responsible for the formation and implementation of state policy in the areas of cryptographic and technical protection of information, cyber security, telecommunications and in the development of the state system of government communications.


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Therefore, all foreign or domestic equipment or developments used in the defense sector shall undergo detailed technical inspection to ensure that the information that will be disseminated in the networks with the new systems is securely protected. In the case of the Armed Forces, of course, the security is of particular importance.


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"Special examination of ASELSAN radios which are used in the Ukrainian army by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP) lasted for more than one year and a half," Defense Express reported at the EVEREST Company, on whose behalf an application for certification of ASELSAN products was submitted. The report informed of the application of Turkish radio stations for the transmission of information with the level of access "RESTRICTED" in the communication systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Necessary software products and documents on encryption algorithms were provided for verification in accordance with the requirements of the certification.


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Further the possibility of certification of radio stations for the transmission of information with access level "secret" is considered. If a need arises, access may be provided to the processor of radio stations and the possibility of its independent programming and reprogramming, as well as "uploading" encryption algorithms of Ukrainian development.


V/UHF radios from ASELSAN have been purchased since 2016 to equip the Ukrainian army. Under contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, several thousand ASELSAN products were delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, primarily for the Land Forces’ brigades, particularly a line of radios to provide stable communication in the V/UHF band 30-512 MHz. The VRC-9661 (10 W and 50 W), PRC-9651 (5 W) and soldier radio PRC-5712 (125 mW). All of them are designed in accordance with NATO standards (in particular, STANAG 4024 and STANAG 4246) and provide users with both seamless encrypted voice communication and simultaneous data transmission using the capabilities of the AdHOC networks.


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ASELSAN radios purchased in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine belong to the sophisticated family of communication facilities based on software-defined radio (SDR) technology. Software provides different forms of radio waves to expand their functions to meet new user requirements.


The SDR facilities? are especially important for military communications, where real-time support is required for various radio signals. One of the examples of application of SDR technology was the implementation and integration of the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) mode in ASELSAN radios for the Armed Forces. DMR provided interaction and compatibility between the ASELSAN radios equipped units and units using Motorola communications. This function provides encrypted mode of communication with AES 256 encryption.


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