1703 Р 27A special place among "Air-to-air" aircraft missiles, created in Soviet times, is taken by intermediate-range and long-range R-27 missiles (NATO classification - AA-10 Alamo). Such missiles are equipped on all modifications of MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters. By now, the R-27 modifications with active and semi-active radar and thermal seekers are used in almost 20 countries around the world.

R-27 missiles are designed to intercept and destroy aeroplanes and helicopters of all types, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles in a aerial fight at intermediate and long distances, during autonomous and group actions of carrier aircraft, day and night, in visual and bad weather conditions, from any direction, against the background of earth and sea, with active information, firing and maneuvering enemy countermeasures.

The R-27 missiles are produced at the facilities of the State joint-stock holding company "Artem" (Kyiv) - aircraft missiles series assembly headquarters plant in the former Soviet Union. At this stage the company is included in SC "Ukrobornprom" and is solving tasks of the maximum R-27 production localisation in Ukraine. SJSHC "Artem" partners are other companies of the concern - in particular, the State Enterprise "Scientific-Production Association" Pavlograd Chemical Plant", which is responsible for the creation and production of composite propellants for missile engines.



The R-27 is produced in several modifications. These modifications are characterized by the use of two types of seekers- semi-active radar (SAR) and infra-red (IR) (aka "heat") seeker; as well as two types of powerplants - with standard and increased power loading. Modifications of SAR seeker are designated as R-27R and R-27ER, and of IR seeker as R-27T, R-27ET. In control system of all missiles, in addition to seeker, an inertial navigation system with radio-correction is included. Also a modification of the R-27AE missile with active radar seeker (inertial guidance with radio-correction and active radar homing in the final phase of flight) is developed. As is known, using of rockets with SAR seeker the target is exposed from radar of aeroplane that conducted the launch. The emanation source of missiles with active radar seeker of is placed on the rocket.

The "E" letter in the R-27 rocket designation index indicates that the missile has increased powerplant power landing, "energetic" and has increased operating range. So, for R-27R missiles (inertial guidance with radio-correction and semi-active radar homing in the final phase of flight), the declared operating range is 80 km, and for the R-27RE - up to 130 km. For the R-27T (all-aspect passive infra-red self-direction) operating range of up to 70 km, and for the R-27TE - up to 120 km. So in fact the R-27 missiles pretend to be simultaneously assigned to the missiles of an intermediate and long range. Also it should be noted that developers and manufacturers of guided aircraft armament in the product brochures usually specify missile operating range in ideal conditions, which disorients in some ways.

All-aspect R-27 missile attacks the target in any of its initial position in the 50 targeting angle field for SARS and 55 for the IRS. Target lock-on is conducted in an altitude range from 25 m to 25 km with a maximum overage (detraction) of 10 km at targets speed up to 3500 km/h and G force up to 8 g. The combined use of R-27 missiles in aircraft ammunition, with a variety of seekers increases ECM protection and effectiveness of armament plan of aircraft system in general.

Ukraine is quite a major supplier of the R-27 guided aircraft missiles to the foreign market. The main customer of the intermediate and long range guided missiles are countries where Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters are put into service. For the last seven to five years, until 2013, Ukraine exported more than 3 thousand missiles in different modifications.

As for seekers, for the equipping of R-27R missiles in Ukraine JSC "Kyiv factory" Radar" produces semi-active radar seeker RGS-27 (industrial index 9B1101K), a seeker target lock-on range is 25 km. "Radar" R-27 modifications are homed by radiation reflected from the target, emitted by airborne radar (RLS) N019/N019M "Sapfir-29/29M" radar aiming system RLPK-29 (manufactured by Ukrainian State Enterprise "Novator", located in the Khmelnitsky city) on lightweight MiG-29 fighters or airborne radar N001 "Mech" type (also produced by "Novator"), that is part of the radar aiming system RLPK-27 of Su-27 heavy tactical fighter.

R-27T/ET rockets subfamily are equipped with heat/infrared seeker (IRS) "Mayak-80M" (MK-80M) with a single-channel monoblock photosensor designed and manufactured by Ukrainian State Enterprise of Special Instrumentation "Arsenal". An important advantage of MK-80M compared with most of the "classic" (non-thermal-imaging) IRS is also the possibility of long-term (up to three hours) reliable system operation. Moreover, with some reduction of lock-on range, infra-red seeker "Mayak-80M" is able to well-function for a prolonged period even in the absence of coolant.



gurt М

"Gurt-M" system

Also, Ukraine is the actual monopolist in the production of checkout equipment for the R-27 missile exploitation and other types of aircraft guided armament. Such unique military armament is manufactured by a state enterprise "Kiev State Design Bureau "Luch". Automated control systems of the "Gurt" type are able to provide monitoring of aircraft guided armament condition, make his diagnosis, on-time service, and, if necessary, repair of complex and expensive aircraft armament. Also "Luch" (Kiev) produces improved and modernized "Gurt-M" system. "Gurt-M" system performs control, diagnostics and preparing to the use of more than 50 modifications of aircraft armament. We are talking about almost all types of aircraft "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface" missiles and guided bombs of the Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian-Russian production, as well as prospective aircraft weapons. "Gurt-M" is exported to countries which have aircraft armament of the Soviet and post-Soviet production in the arsenal.


Vladimir TKACH, Defense Express

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