171012 roketsan 0ROKETSAN, specialized in rocket and missile systems, has been the national center of excellence in this field for nearly 30 years. ROKETSAN not only develops its own indigenous technologies that set the new standards in its areas of activity, but also supplies effective and immediate solutions to customers and has a wide product range covering land, sea and air systems.



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CİRİT, the 2.75″ Laser Guided Missile / Photo: ROKETSAN


CİRİT, the 2.75″ Laser Guided Missile with the longest range in its class, continues to expand its capabilities by adding Thermobaric Warhead to its warhead options. Accordingly, the number of alternative warheads offered by the company, which previously had two options including the multi-purpose warhead with anti-armor, anti-personnel and incendiary functions and the high explosive warhead, has increased to three.


The CİRİT's integration capability with various platforms is also noteworthy. Work is continuing on the integration of the CİRİT, which is already being used on the T-129 ATAK and AH-1 COBRA Attack Helicopters, to the TIGER Helicopter. The latest memorandum of understanding signed between ROKETSAN and MBDA Germany during the ILA 2016 was about this integration. While work on the integration of the CİRİT to the BLACK HAWK Helicopters is progressing, there is also ongoing work on its integration to light helicopters. The most recent development in this field was the memorandum of understanding, signed during Farnborough 2016 between ROKETSAN and Airbus Helicopters, on the integration of the CİRİT to the H135M and H145M Helicopters and with Airbus Defense and Space for C295 Gunship Aircraft.


The CİRİT All Up Round Missile is a system that can meet variety of user operational requirements. The CİRİT is taking the concept of the ‘2.75” guided rocket’, which emerged from the idea of having a cost-efficient missile, to a much higher level. The CİRİT, which is the leader in its class with a range of 8 km, has also shown that it is capable of carrying out some of the missions of other missiles in higher classes. It is now possible to meet the guided missile needs of land, air and naval forces with a single missile production line. There is no other missile on the market that can offer such flexibility with these costs.


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 Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System project UMTAS / Photo: ROKETSAN


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the laser guided L-UMTAS is already in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces / Photo: ROKETSAN


ROKETSAN is about to finalize its Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System project UMTAS and its Medium Range Anti-Tank Missile System project OMTAS, both of which are being developed in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. The UMTAS and OMTAS Missiles, which are being developed as a product family, enable ROKETSAN to meet the various requirements of users in today’s battlefield. While the laser guided UMTAS (L-UMTAS) is already in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces following the completion of the qualification phase, the qualification phase of the UMTAS with an imaging infrared seeker has been completed for the product and production line. In addition, a number of test firings from attack helicopters were successfully completed. Serial production of this version of the UMTAS will start soon and work on the integration of the missile to armored ground vehicles and towed/fixed ground platforms are continuing. Moreover, work is progressing on the integration of stabilized weapon systems with UMTAS to naval platforms. 


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ROKETSAN is about to finalize its Medium Range Anti-Tank Missile System project OMTAS  / Photo: ROKETSAN




The Smart Micro Munition (MAM-L), developed by ROKETSAN in line with today’s battlefield requirements, attracts attention as a solution that increases the efficiency of air platforms with low payload capacity, especially that of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). MAM-L, a variant of the Laser Guided L-UMTAS (Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System) that is also developed by ROKETSAN, the only difference being that it does not have a rocket motor and glides in the air has already been integrated to the BAYRAKTAR and KARAYEL tactical UAVs that are currently being used by the Turkish Armed Forces. The MAM-L, which is being successfully used in various operations involving UAVs, stands out as a munition that has proved itself in the field. 


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The Smart Micro Munition (MAM-L), developed by ROKETSAN in line with today’s battlefield requirements / Photo: ROKETSAN


The design and application concept of the MAM-L provides its users with the capability of effectively neutralizing time critical targets, particularly those that arise during reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Meanwhile, thanks to its precision guidance and small dimensions, the MAM-L offers a solution with a low collateral damage. When compared with all the other capabilities of the armed forces, a combination of the MAM-L and a tactical UAV is the most cost effective solution. The MAM-L will soon become the preference of many countries and it is expected soon other countries will also start taking an interest in this solution. 


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TEBER is a low-cost laser guidance kit that is attached to MK-81(250lb) and MK-82(500lb) General Purpose Bombs / Photo: ROKETSAN


TEBER is a low-cost laser guidance kit that is attached to MK-81(250lb) and MK-82(500lb) General Purpose Bombs. TEBER converts the bombs into precision smart weapons using INS, GPS and Laser Seeker. TEBER’s modular design offers affordable options. An add-on Laser Seeker which is located on the front section allows precise hit capability for moving, relocatable and maritime targets even if the target is maneuvering at high speeds. Laser Seeker may be equipped with or without a Height of Burst seeker. TEBER tail section can identify the bombs (MK- 81/MK-82) which is integrated onto and can be installed very quickly in the field with Laser Seeker. Tail kit contains a GPS/INS for precise guidance and aerodynamic control surfaces. Body Strakes, which supply additional lift and stability, the weapon maneuver capability. 




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In the first day of XIV INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION ARMS AND SECURITY '2017 a contract between Ukrainian State Foreign Trade Enterprise «SpetsTechnoExport» and Turkish ROKETSAN was sighned / Photo: Defense Express


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