180807 StrazhNPF Adron and Skynet Ltd have jointly developed an airborne Missile Approach Warning System to be known as RSP-1U Strazh.


The R&D and Production Company "Adron" and Skynet Ltd are continuing their joint development of the RSP-1U “Strazh” (Ukrainian for “guard”) airborne Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS).


The purpose of the RSP-1U "Strazh" development is to provide rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft with a self-defense against short-range, low-RCS missile attacks. The system would detect infrared signature of an incoming guided missile, alert the pilot, and automatically trigger the chaff/flare dispenser to decoy the missile away from its target.


180807 Strazh 1


The RCS-1U comprises an S-band digital array radar sensor developed by Arsenal Factory, Kyiv. The radar is able detect a 0.02 m2 RCS missile at ranges up to 2 km and can search 60 degrees in azimuth and 90+ degrees in elevation.


To maximize the probability of success, elements of the system would be mounted on the skin of a host aircraft in such a way as to create a full 360-degree radar envelope around it.


180807 Strazh 2


The RSP-1U product development has reached LRIP stage, to be followed by factory-level tests and official qualification trials.


As at this date, the RSP-1U has been successfully tested against the Igla MANPAD missiles.


180807 Strazh 3


The Strazh is the most recent addition to Adron’s family of airborne self-protection system products that include the Adros KUV 26-50 Airborne Countermeasures Dispenser System, the Adros KT-01/02 Electronic Warfare system, and the Adros ASh-01 exhaust infrared suppression device, which are all series produced for Ukraine's military customers.



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