181105 levThe Ukrainian Armed Forces require capabilities for use in combat for towing or repair of battle-damaged, stuck , and/or inoperable armored fighting vehicles. In tank and mechanized infantry units, these operations are typically performed with armored repair and recovery vehicles (ARRVs).


The XV International Specialized Exhibition "Arms & and Security 2018" held in mid-October in Kyiv displayed the ARRV Lion (Lev (Лев) in Ukrainian) developed by Lviv Armored Vehicle Factory (LAVF), a State-owned company incorporated with Ukroboronprom Defense Industries Group. The Lion ARRV, built on the T-72 tank chassis, aroused interest among experts, visitors and foreign guests at the exhibition.


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At XV International Exhibition Arms and Security-2018 held in Kyiv, LAVF unveiled its new ARRV Lev (“Lion”).


The ARRV Lion, albeit outwardly very similar to the Russian-designed BREM-1 ARRV, has been designed from the ground-up by LAVF using components and subsystems sourced from Ukrainian and international suppliers. In particular, the Lion ARRV technology incorporates some parts and components that LAVF has developed and is manufacturing to comply with the import replacement program launched by Ukraine following Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and incursion into eastern Ukraine. In addition, the use of proven European brand components such as servo actuators and individual hydraulic components is a factor in improving the vehicle’s ability to maintain stable performance in harsh and special environments.


The Lion ARRV is specifically designed to support Ukrainian army’s tank units equipped with T-64 and T-72 tanks and their modified versions. The Lion is provided with capabilities for recovery or towing of inoperable and/or battle-damaged armored fighting vehicles (either rolling or tracked), and for providing field maintenance and repair support in combat. The ARRV has a telescope crane to allow the vehicle’s crew to perform heavy-lifting tasks, such as removing/mounting the engine or other heavy parts. It also has equipment for welding and cutting ferrous metals, and there are bulldozer blades to aid in route clearance and construction of field fortifications.


                                                       ARRV Lion. Key technical data

Base chassis                                                        

T-72 tank


789mm x3,460mmx 2,687mm

Mass (fully loaded)                     

41 t

Engine Power                

840 hp

Max speed                              

60 kmph

Specialist equipment:

Towing winch; towing force            

≥250 kN/25 tnf

Auxiliary winch; towing force      

≥5 kN/0.5 tnf

Bulldozing equipment                                    

Hydraulically operated spade

Telescope crane; lifting capacity)          

120 kN/12 tnf

Electric welder                         


Cargo bed; carrying capacity    



A 200-m rope winch is provided to support recovery operations. It has a traction force of up to 25,000 kgf, which can be increased to 75,000 kgf with additional pulley blocks.


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The electric welder, which is powered by the ARRV’s generator, allows for welding operations to be held in field conditions.


The electric welder, which is powered by the ARRV’s generator, allows for welding operations to be held in field conditions.


The vehicle has a telescope crane manipulator that can lift up to 12 t loads. It is used to support field repair operations that involve replacement of heavy parts and components like tank turrets, engines, gearboxes, road wheels, etc.


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181105 lev 2

Lion has a telescope crane manipulator that can lift up to 12 t loads


The Lion ARRV has a 1.5t cargo bed for replacement parts. Powered by a 840hp engine, the 41t vehicle can develop speeds up to 60 km/h. The vehicle has the ability to operate in temperatures varying between -40°C and 40°C and has a cruising range of ≥460 km on unpaved roads.


The vehicle has a crew of three, and it is armed with a NSVT (KT-12.7) machine gun.


The Lion ARRV has been put through qualifying departmental trials and approved for operational use by Ukraine’s armed services. LAVF has already completed production preparations for the Lion ARRV.


It should be emphasized that, in terms of its technical and performance characteristics and functionality range, the ARRV Lion   is as good as its foreign brand counterparts and is probably unrivaled on the market in terms of cost/capability trade-offs.


This Ukrainian armored recovery vehicle can well replace its Russian counterpart BREM-1, and this would entail no need for personnel retraining or restructuring field maintenance teams. This vehicle is reliable, easy to operate and indispensable on the battlefield.


The ARRV Lion is a true rescuer on the battlefield!


Valerii RIABYKH, Dmytro SAVCHYN,

Defense Express


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