180119 VTThe Russian Federation regularly takes the leading positions in the official world export ratings for arms and military equipment. However, this export is not always legal. Recently, more and more information appears that Russian or Soviet armament from the RF Armed Forces warehouses falls into the hands of terrorist organizations. This can be explained by contingency, however, this can cause serious concern when it comes to its mass presence in the regions of conflict ...


The armed confrontation in the east of Ukraine, which continues from 2014, clearly demonstrated that the Kremlin rigidly ignores international law and acts as it likes. Today, there are a lot of facts that testify about the illegal supply of various Russian armaments to the territory of Donbas, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. We are also talking about the supplied air defense complexes, anti-tank and artillery weapons. The Kremlin is sponsoring separatist and in fact terrorist groups de facto.


But, this is not something extraordinary for the Kremlin. After all, there are vivid examples of Russia's activities in the Middle East and other regions of the world.


So, as is known, there is a civil war in Syria for many years. The insurgent people are trying to overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad. With the beginning of the war, arms shipments to Syria by Russia have grown at times. Officially, Moscow argued that deliveries are made under previously signed contracts, but it cannot explain why the number of these contracts suddenly increased. However, there are doubts that Syria paid for these weapons. It's no secret that Assad's regime is not able to buy such an amount of weapons that have been coming from Russia during these years. These are small arms, anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, and S-300 missile systems, T-72 and T-80 tanks, MiG-29 and Su-25 jets, and ammunition.


Kremlin does not above to "trade" with terrorist organizations. In 2011, Russian weapons became the "apple of discord" between Israel and Russia. Palestinian militants from the Hamas organization fired on an Israeli school bus by anti-tank guided missile Kornet, which was manufactured in Russia. The official Tel Aviv even protested, but Moscow escaped responsibility. Avoiding punishment, the Kremlin continues its criminal activities.


According to the latest data, there are reasons to suppose that the air defense units, which Hamas forms up in order to counteract attacks by the Israeli air forces, are being created and equipped with the support of the Russian Federation. It's unclear precisely whether the Kremlin supplies the terrorists with SA-22 Greyhound and Buk-M1, as it happened in the Donbass, but this should not be ruled out.


Hamas considers representatives of Russia as the "friends". The one of the latest initiatives of the leadership of this terrorist organization is evidence of this. So, on September 20, 2017, Russia Today released the speech of the deputy chairman of the Hamas political leadership, Musa Abu Marzuka, about Russia's support of the Palestinian movement in the international arena. In particular, he noted: "We asked our Russian friends to support us in the international arena. We hope that Russia will provide visible support in this regard. Russia more can do in this case than the US ". Abu Marzuka also appealed to the Russian side to help break through the blockade of the Gaza Strip and provide humanitarian aid to its residents in connection with the health crisis.


Hamas is not the single example. Moscow supplies arms to another organization operating in the Middle East region - Hezbollah. And this despite the fact that the entire civilized world recognized this organization as a terrorist but Russia not. In January 2016, the Israeli Ynetnews and the American The Daily Beast, referring to middle rank commanders of Hezbollah, reported that Russia "carries out direct deliveries of artillery and anti-tank ammunition" to the terrorists of Hezbollah, and "does not care at all for what purpose they will use it". At the same time, it was noted that there is full coordination between the Assad regime in Damascus, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, while the direct interdependence between Russia and Hezbollah is growing.


The Russian smuggling is not limited of supplies of weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah in the Middle East. There are grounds to accuse the Kremlin for the supply of arms to the terrorist group "Islamic State". For a long time, ISIS fought against Assad formally, attacking mostly Syrian rebels, Kurds, Sunni insurgent groups. They operated mainly along the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey where the routes of oil and gas pipelines to Europe must pass. The Russians could not openly transfer weapons to militants, because Russia officially recognized ISIS as a terrorist organization. A number of operations were carried out, during which a staging of the assault of a number of bases of Syrian government troops was carried out by militants. The Assad troops withdrew without a fight, leaving bases and mountains of weapons. In fact, there was a hidden supply disguised as trophies. It is noteworthy that the situation changed later, and they ceased to act in this way.


For today, the facts of illegal military exports by Russia around the world are more than enough to classify this state as a violator of international law and moral and ethical rules. However, the world community is more inclined to observe all this from the outside, limiting itself to critical statements sometimes and not taking the appropriate steps that had to be done for a long time.



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