190117 TOP5 0Among most successful projects there is a new anti-ship missile and a deeply-modernized MLR system.


Throughout 2018, enterprises that are part of Ukraine's defense giant Ukroboronprom have been developing, showcasing and testing dozens of new and modernized weapons and pieces of military equipment. Ukroboronprom's TOP-5 in 2018 are as follows.


"Neptun" anti-ship missile


Neptun is a strategic project implemented by Luch Design Bureau.


190117 TOP5 1


During test launches, the missile hit a target at a 280-km range, thus proving effectiveness of target spotting and guidance systems.


In future, the missile is set to become the base of the new mobile anti-ship complex.


Kvitnyk [Flowerbed] modernized 152mm precision-guided munitions


In 2018, Progres Research and Production Complex completed modernization of Kvitnyk (Flowerbed) 152mm precision-guided munitions, with a successful import substitution of all Russia-made components (40%).


190118 TOP 5

Foto: Ukroboronprom


The unit received a new, much smaller, guided warhead, which is the most complex part of the high-precision munition.


Kvitnyk is capable of a bulls-eye hit at a distance of up to 20 km. Such a high precision is due to laser guidance which can be carried out including from a UAV.


It is able to strike destroy protected targets and provides total advantage in counterbattery combat, since enemy artillery is destroyed without a chance of returning fire.


Progres is now fully ready to test Kvitnyk and start mass production once relevant orders are received.


MLRS Berest


SE "Shepetivka Repair Plant has completed deep modernization of a 122-m MLR system.


190117 TOP5 5


The unique feature of the new unit called BM-21 UM "Berest" us that it is manufactured using Ukrainian spare parts exclusively.


The system applies hi-end digital technology and new chassis. The firepower capacity is up to 50 rockets instead of 40, as in the Soviet Grad.


Berest could replace the BM-21 Grad system currently used by the Ukrainian Army.


Combat Optical Gunsight OPSN-I


SE Izum Instrument-Making Plant has presented an OPSN-I combat optical gunsight station, equipped with high-power optics, a thermal imager, laser controls, and a range finder.


190118 TOP 5 1

Foto: Ukroboronprom


The universal unit's diameter is only 43 cm, allowing military to install it not only on helicopters, but also on UAVs. In addition, the OPSN-I, stabilized in all planes, can be installed on armored vehicles and, with certain design adjustments, on naval vessels.


Iskra Counterbattery Radar


Zaporizhia-based Iskra Scientific Production Complex has developed a 1L220UK counterbattery radar, first showcased during the Independence Parade Aug 24, 2018.


190118 TOP 5 2

Foto: Ukroboronprom


The 1L220UK radar shows the exact location of enemy artillery, mortars, MLR systems, anti-aircraft systems, and tactical missiles at a range of dozens of kilometers.


It allows troops to get coordinates for returning fire and spot artillery strikes. Also, the radar monitors the skies to detect enemy UAVs and military aircraft.

The new system outperforms counterbattery radars the Ukrainian Army currently has in service.


Also, the State Concern notes other successful developments in Ukraine's defense industry. It is about the Vilkha artillery rocket system, Mangust armored vehicle, and Kharza perimeter security complex.



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