190314 paradUkraine repairs aircraft and other equipment for Astana, including S-300 air defense systems and 2S3 Acatsia self-propelled howitzers.

The most predictable risk of the recent scandal around Ukroboronprom is the complication of Ukraine's military-technical cooperation with a number of foreign partners with simultaneous strengthening in these areas of the Russian Federation. Mainly, it is the countries that have a long history of relations with Moscow.


First of all, it is about Kazakhstan. The experts involved in special exports explain why the investigation focused exactly the contract with Astana for the overhaul of an An-26 aircraft, and how Moscow will play this car, according to a piece on Censor.net by an advisor to Ukroboronprom CEO, Andriy Masalsky


190314 BTC 1Firstly, the presence of Ukroboronprom enterprises in the Kazakhstan market of military equipment and special services does not allow the Russian Federation to monopolize it completely.


It was the Ukrainians who taught the Kazakhs to repair the T-72 tanks, providing them with the necessary equipment, specialists and technology. Ukrainian support convinced Kazakhstan to abandon the bid for the Russian T-90. Ukraine also repairs other equipment for Astana, including air defense systems S-300, self-propelled howitzers 2S3 Acatsia, etc.


Secondly, Ukrainian enterprises have the exclusive right to repair, extend the service life, modernize, and certify aircraft of the An family. The Russians, however, convince the Kazakhs that without their participation, the Ukrainians are not capable of solving these issues. This is this aspect where the notorious "Russian-made altimeters" played their ominous role.

And, thirdly, in 2020-2021, Kazakhstan is going to repair the next batch of An-26 aircraft. Astana has already appealed to Ukroboronprom for explanations190314 BTC 2 about the leak of documents. Of course, the Ukrainian position was significantly weakened on the eve of the crucial talks. In turn, Russians will try to take advantage of the situation, now being in a better position.


But the Ukrainian special export is not only bound for Kazakhstan. Attempts of the Russian Federation to push Ukraine from international markets are observed in various parts of the globe. The enemy uses the situational weakening of their competitor, trying to monopolize promising territories.

Ukroboronprom managed to find a document “freshly lost” by the Russian special services and special exporters signed by the Deputy Federal Service of the Military-Technical Cooperation, Mr Petukhov, sent to the Chief Air Marshal commanding the Indonesian Air Force dated February 27, 2019. The document emphasizes the hybrid methods of the Russian Federation in its competitive struggle with Ukraine.


190314 DOC

190314 DOC 1


Mr Petukhov strongly warns the Indonesian Marshal against placing in Ukraine orders for the repair of aircraft, including the AL-31F engines for the Su-27. Petukhov claims that the certification of Ukrainian enterprises for compliance with the current technical documentation was never completed.


190314 BTC

Changes and additions to the documentation available at these enterprises, including the AL-31F engine, have not been made since 1991. It is separately emphasized that the Russian side will not be able to bear responsibility for the operation of such aircraft.


Pavlo Bukin, Ukroboronprom Group of Companies CEO, considers the assertion about the developer’s exclusive right to influence the maintenance of the aviation technology to be dubious and confirms attempts to put pressure on Ukraine by the Russian Federation.


“Such letters are an attempt to oust Ukraine from promising international markets,” says the head of the company. Ukraine is a strong player in the repair market, maintaining airworthiness and modernizing aircraft, including those developed in other countries. And today Ukroboronprom is performing at "Motor" Plant a contract for the repair of aircraft engines for the Indonesian Air Force. Therefore, the Russians are trying to put pressure on Ukraine’s friends and partners in Indonesia and other countries.


Ukraine has the necessary technical documentation for the maintenance and overhaul, the extension of the flight range of military aircraft of a wide model range - MiG, Su, Il, Mi, and Ka. Such rights are not retroactive, and the Russian Federation has no legal basis for requiring any additional licensing from Ukraine.

In matters of military aircraft regulation, each country-operator establishes its own rules and makes changes to the design. A marker of its independence is the sufficiency of the scientific, technical, design and production potential. Complaints of developers or manufacturers, in this case Russian, are irrelevant, the report reads.


Masalsky also points at Russia's double standards. A number of steps were taken in Russia in terms of promoting the repair and modernization of the An aircraft in foreign markets. The Russian Federation approved a general decision of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which defines the institutions responsible for the design support in the operation of Ukrainian-made aircraft.




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