191212 InformNapalmThe Russian Federation keeps using its military systems, personnel and hardware actively to continue the war against Ukraine and occupy part of the Ukrainian territory.


InformNapalm released photographic evidence of presence of modern Russian electronic warfare systems in Donbas.


The volunteer community recalls that in late November - early December, the OSCE SMM monitors in Donbas spotted and recorded in their reports Russian jamming communication station R-330ZH and VHF air communication automated jamming station R-934 variant and RB-636 Svet-Ku. The observations were published as part of OSCE SMM reports of November 28 and December 7.


191212 InformNapalm 1

However, there was no photo or video evidence available at the time of publication of reports.


191212 InformNapalm 2

191212 InformNapalm 4


The analysts of the InformNapalm international volunteer community compared the photos made with the specified samples of Russian equipment and confirmed that electronic warfare stations R-330ZH, R-934 and RB-636 were most likely to be noticed in Donbas again. The Russian military tried to mask them with camouflage nets but the characteristic elements of the stations were recognizable on photos, the volunteer community noted.


191212 InformNapalm 3

191212 InformNapalm 5



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