190117 TOP5 0Among most successful projects there is a new anti-ship missile and a deeply-modernized MLR system.


190108 PidsumkiIn 2018, Ukraine allocated a record UAH 170 billion from the state budget for defense, which allowed intensifying rearmament efforts, financing the development of new types of weapons. Combined with the use of foreign arms and hardware, this strengthened Ukraine's defense capabilities in countering Russian aggression.


181231 Russia 1The visibility, scale and scope of Russian military exercises have been a focus of Western media and specialist literature since 2014. Russia conducted VOSTOK 2018, the latest iteration of its annual strategic exercises, from early July to 17 September 2018. VOSTOK (meaning ‘East’) is part of a system of strategic exercises that the Russian Armed Forces have been developing since 2009. It is one of the four named annual strategic exercises conducted on a rotating basis among four of Russia’s five military districts1.


181212 BukinIn 2014, the international security environment was fundamentally transformed when Russia invaded Ukraine. Moscow’s illegal annexation of Crimea and subsequent hybrid warfare in eastern Ukraine shifted defense postures and relationships across the globe. The Ukrainian army passed a test of strength in the face of Russian military aggression. It has restored combat readiness and begun to qualitatively upgrade its capabilities.


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